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Mats & Dry Mounting

This is the border that surrounds your art inside the frame. Matting has two purposes, protection and cosmetic. The matting separates the glazing from the artwork so it won't adhere to the artwork and cause damage. Many creative techniques can be used that will enhance appearance and protect them for years to come.

The mat helps break up the closed-in look when a picture is framed up to the edge. A mat can also be used to crop out unwanted areas of pictures or photos, just as a photographer does in the darkroom.

Matboard is used to highlight a color, accent a shape, or increase the size of the piece. Like moulding, there are many mats and colors to choose from. Matting comes in cotton, paper, leather, suede and specialty papers - all with hundreds of colors. Paper mats are the most common used in picture framing. Fabric mats, which include cotton, linen, silk, rayon, and other fabrics, are used mostly for more serious pictures or original oil paintings.

Framers, Inc. offers many creative techniques to employ color, such as double and triple matting, accent lines, hand cutting, french lines, decorations or special corner cuts. Our mat board is made from cotton fiber and contains no acid or lignin to damage the artwork.

Museum Board vs. Acid-Free Board
Museum board is the ultimate treatment for any piece of fine art. Another name for museum board is rag board because it's made from cotton, as opposed to acid-free boards which are made from wood pulp. The board made from wood pulp will leave a brown line around your art. Cotton board will not do that.

If you're framing a family snapshot photo, magazine article, printed art or movie poster and you want a mat around it, the acid-free mat is fine. If you're framing fine art, you would want to use museum rag board. Rag board costs about one and one half times the cost of acid-free board.

Dry Mounting
Most people like to see a flat picture after it's been framed. It's easy if it's a poster, photo or some other flat object. But if you have an original piece of art that was painted on paper with acrylic paint, oil, or some other wet substance, chances are it will have some ripples and rolls in it.

If it's not harmful to the piece, Framers, Inc. includes dry mounting at no extra cost at the time of framing your picture.

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